Corporate Training Program ENMAN©

The Corporate Training Program ENMAN© is based on practice of a non-violent martial art Aikido, on stratagems described by Sun Tzu in treatise dating from the 5th century BC, and on principles of emotional self-control and psychological balance. The Program teaches corporate teams how to apply a stategic approach onto day-to-day business, resolve conflicts peacefuly, improve focus on targets, without feeling like a dull workout.
The philosophy of the Corporate Training Program ENMAN© is incorporated in its name.
円満 [enmaːn] from Japanese means "full circle" and merges the following set of abilities:

Harmony 調和
Perfection 完璧
Satisfaction 満足
Peace 平和
Integrity 保全
Completeness 完全
Smoothness 滑らか

All of these abilities are the main targets to develop within the ENMAN© Program.

"Everyone has a spirit that can be refined, a body that can be trained in some manner, a suitable path to follow. You are here to realize your inner divinity and manifest your innate enlightenment".

Morihei Ueshiba
Aikido Founder
Open your team to new experiences
Getting things done is a process. It demands accountability, and has clear goals. Follow through is the most valuable asset to any organisation. Successful teams keep emotional balance, evaluate reality, and strictly navigate toward specific solutions. Within the unique ENMAN© Program we propose you to experience this balance.
There are many ordinary business trainings, but we propose the author's one, that is based on unique martial art form with strategical approach that might be useful in business and day-to-day life.
Uniqueness 独特
Through out the Europe there are no analogues to the ENMAN© Program, which is protected by Ukrainian and International copyright and other applicable laws.
Expertise 専門
All our professionals have official black belt cerification and more than 5 years of experiences in martial arts with trainees of a different skill levels and age.
Do you know the true face of colleage, partner and emotional potential of your team members?
Training Objectives
Aikido has many physical, physiological and spiritual benefits. The true versatility of this ancient art is what makes it ideal for students of all backgrounds.
Develop effective strategies for conflict resolution
We teach how to apply "on-the-mat" experiences to resolve conflicts (disagreements, workplace irritations, and real world dilemmas), how to transform conflict and utilize its energy to increase awareness and communicate with purpose. During the ENMAN© training we practice stratagems to manage and resolve conflict by first managing yourself.
Lower the stress levels
We teach breathing techniques that may extend beyond the mat. The ENMAN© training participants can expect to feel lighter and more at peace in moments of stress because of the Aikido practice. We offer a positive environment for relieving stress and teach how to set the emotional control under risky situations. We teach how to change resistance into flow and reaction into conscious response.
Improve the mental and physical health and wellbeing
The physical, spiritual and mental impact of the ENMAN© training is great for participants. From flexibility to strength and overall fitness, non-violent martial art Aikido is a fun and friendly workout as much as it is a business / life lesson.
Increase the concentration in all areas of life
Aikido techniques are challenging. The focus and commitment required to master these skills develops advanced learning skills that may be applied throughout your business activities.
Find the inner confidence
The special techniques of the ENMAN© training give the understanding of the nature of power and explain how to maximize it for individual and team effectiveness. More than this the ENMAN© training participants find an inner strength that walks with them long after the training is over.
Improve relationship inside the teams
ENMAN© training participants come from a diverse background; the training gives the possibility for teams to be connected by a sense of community and a passion for common resolution of problems and risks mitigation.
Learn to accomplish the goals
The process of training in Aikido is a structured and guided one. This helps participant to focus on personal and professional goals off the mat too.
How it works
We assess the training needs
The Training Needs Assessment identifies gaps in the employees' skills or abilities compared to levels required to support and sustain the changes implemented.
We provide you with the Training Needs Assessment Tool to identify end-user groups, objectives/priorities in order to recommend and finally choose appropriate training modules.
You choose the location
You can choose the open space with lawn playground (if applicable due to weather) or premises with special soft flooring. The location should contribute to key corporate priorities including safe and active pastime, healthy, clean attractive environment and accessible services and transport choices, facilities and fitting rooms.
We prepare the infrastructure
All training participant are provided by the uniform (classic martial art white aikidogi) and other materials and equipment (chukkens, bokkens) that are required for the training.
You pick up date and required modules
The Program ENMAN© is available in different modules and with different duration. By results of the the Training Needs Assessment and corporate needs you pick up required training modules (up to three). One module duration is up to 2 hours.
We provide the training roadmap
A preliminary training schedule consists of the key training program modules and activities. The Training Needs Assessment, Training Curriculum, and Development Tracker are the critical inputs to the creation of the detailed training schedule.
We deliver the training
You are excited for a long time
"There are many martial art forms and styles focused on strikes, kicks, punches but Aikido is unique and might be useful in day-to-day life and business. Aikido harmonises actions and redirects your opponents' negative energy through timing, balance and positioning. Aikido is a non-competitive art of life"

Program Author
Pick up required training modules (up to three)
Hidden Dragon
  • Focus on the task (Mokuso 黙 想)
  • Taking a stable and advantageous position for yourself (Kamae 構 え)
  • The strength of the center line (Chushin-sen 中心線)
  • Possession of balance (Ki 氣)
  • Acquisition of immunity to attack (Katsu hayabi 勝 速 日)
  • Timing. Act at the right moment
  • Stratagems versus stronger (winner)
  • Calligraphy of own ENMAN© formula (Enso 円 相)
Crouching Tiger
  • Focus on the task (Mokuso 黙 想)
  • Imbalance of the opponent (Kuzushi 崩 し)
  • Control of the opponent's weak point (Nikajo 二 ケ 条)
  • Practice mindfulness
  • A state of relaxed alertness (Zanshin 残 心)
  • Stratagems of equal forces (conflict)
  • Calligraphy of own ENMAN© formula (Enso 円 相)
Deft Ermine
  • Focus on the task (Mokuso 黙 想)
  • Half a step ahead of the opponent (Irimi 入 り 身)
  • Interaction with others (contact control with an opponent)
  • Emotion control. Quenching a psychological attack
  • Control of signalized and non-signalized task flow
  • Attack strategy (direct attack)
  • Calligraphy of own ENMAN© formula (Enso 円 相)
Asian Wolf
  • Focus on the task (Mokuso 黙 想)
  • Cognitive awareness of reality and the distribution of forces (thinking traps)
  • Want to catch - first let go
  • Solving the problem by inverting priority (Tenkan 転 換 / Kaiten)
  • Preemptive multitasking. Workflow Management
  • Strategies for obfuscating the enemy (chaos)
  • Calligraphy of own ENMAN© formula (Enso 円 相)
  • Focus on the task (Mokuso 黙 想)
  • Saving and controlling distance (Maai 間 合 い)
  • Kick in the distance (Kiai 気 合)
  • Application of the here and now concept (Ichi-go ichi-e 一 期 一 会)
  • Synchronization of actions (Hanmi 半身)
  • Settlement of conflicts, withdrawal of a conflict situation to the win-win level (Tenchi nage)
  • Strategies for achieving benefits
  • Calligraphy of own ENMAN© formula (Enso 円 相)
Ezo Fukuro
  • Focus on the task (Mokuso 黙 想)
  • Management of emotions (emotional wellness)
  • Ability to resist fears (Ukemi)
  • Real awareness of their significance
  • The restriction is only in our head. Disclosure of the sixth sense (Dairokkan 第六感)
  • Recovery of energy by movement
  • Stratagems of hopeless situations
  • Calligraphy of own ENMAN© formula (Enso 円 相)
Swift Eagle
  • Focus on the task (Mokuso 黙 想)
  • Basic rules for working with katana
  • Basic rules for working with jo
  • Five movements with katana
  • Connection with a partner (Kumitachi (組 太 刀)
  • Internal and external factors (Kami)
  • The philosophy of the sword
  • Calligraphy of own ENMAN© formula (Enso 円 相)
Blooming Sakura
  • Focus on the task (Mokuso 黙 想)
  • Cultivation of internal balance (Ki 氣)
  • Soul of the word (Kotodama 言 霊)
  • Japanese tea ceremony (Tyado 茶道)
  • Calligraphy of own ENMAN© formula (Enso 円 相)
Japanese Calligraphy Shodo
  • Intimate exploration of Japanese calligraphy
  • Definition of calligraphy, basic concepts
  • Overview of calligraphy tools
  • History of calligraphy as a fine art
  • Basic styles of Japanese calligraphy
  • Position of the body and hands while writing
  • Writing simple features and elements
  • Practice writing the Enso or Kanji
  • Lower the stress levels
Karada no Shodo | Photo Session
  • Defining the idea of shooting
  • Discussion of the atmosphere of pictures
  • Selection of references: desired images, photos
  • Preparation: Japanese katanas, kimonos, textiles
  • Choice of words / quotes for application on the body
  • Coordination of location and number of participants
  • Selection of the image with the photographer
  • Professional make-up [45 min]
  • Calligraphy on the body [45 min]
  • Photo Session [45 min]
To understand the true perfection of your team's spirit, we propose to practice with the real sword as a symbol of hardened mind, sharp thought and clear intention.
Available in the Lightning Petrel module
Our plans
The Program ENMAN© is available in different modules with different duration


2,8 kUAH | 1 module
  • Individual training
  • Non-contact equipment
  • 1,5 hours duration



5,5 kUAH | 1 module
  • Adaptation for couples
  • Non-contact equipment
  • Contact equipment
  • 2 hours duration


15 kUAH | 1 module
  • Normal training
  • Non-contact equipment
  • Contact equipment
  • 2 hours duration


25 kUAH | 1 module
  • Normal training
  • Non-contact equipment
  • Contact equipment
  • 2 hours duration


TEAM 15-20 PAX
28 kUAH | 1 module
  • Adapted for big teams
  • Non-contact equipment
  • Contact equipment
  • 2 hours duration



45 kUAH | 3 modules
  • Adapted for big teams
  • Non-contact equipment
  • Contact equipment
  • 6 hours duration


TEAM 15-20 PAX
50 kUAH | 3 modules
  • Adapted for big teams
  • Non-contact equipment
  • Contact equipment
  • 6 hours duration


1,2 kUAH | person
  • Introduction to calligraphy
  • All calligraphy equipment
  • The practical drawing
  • 2 hours duration

Karada no Shodo©

Karada no Shodo© is a figurative and emotional reproduction of the inner world on the body through brush meditation, it is a way of knowing oneself, it is a special philosophy of poetry on the body. The photo project is based on the principles of aesthetics of Japanese calligraphy, simplicity and inner strength. The body is the way of life, black hieroglyphs represent "yin" and "yang" - a woman and a man. We add a silk kimono, which gently envelops the body, and a Japanese katana, which represents the spirit and honor of the samurai. Thus, the photo project Karada no Shodo© transports the participants to a state of inner peace, erases the signs of stress and anxiety.
Open your team to the visualization
of inner harmony
At the end of the workshop each participant of the ENMAN© Program uses Japanese brushes to create his own Enso - a calligraphic sign that symbolizes the completeness of the simplicity. It represents infinity, concluded in the perfection of harmony. While working with Japanese brushes and ash ink- the body and mind are freed to be able to overturn their inner perfection with a gesture, movement ...
Available cities
The Program is available in Kyiv and other Ukrainian big cities.
We constantly keep in touch with the market, build business proposals for companies in Ukraine and look for the new horizons.
Our contacts
Phone: +380 50 652 74 85
ENMAN© is a Corporate Training Program under copyright of its author - Nataliia Kondratenko. All materials concerning the Corporate Training Program ENMAN© are protected by Ukrainian and international copyright and other applicable laws. All information and the terms and conditions of this Acknowledgment shall be considered "Proprietary Information" of the Corporate Training Program EnMan© copyright owner. Students and customers further acknowledges that Corporate Training Program ENMAN© Proprietary Information is deemed to include valuable trade secrets and confidential business information proprietary to the Corporate Training Program ENMAN© copyright owner. Accordingly, Students and Customers shall hold the Proprietary Information disclosed by the Corporate Training Program ENMAN© copyright owner confidential and use such Proprietary Information only in connection with Customer's receipt of the Services.
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